CAS078 - Love and Logic w/ Foster Cline, MD - Airdate 7/23/2007 - Runtime 29:12

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Dr. Mark A.Young is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Counselor Education Program at Eastern Washington University. He specializes in couples and family counseling, marketing in counseling, and supervision. His professional interests include attachment theory, supervision formats, and counseling theory.


Dr. Foster W. Cline, co-founder of the Love and Logic Institute, is an internationally renowned child and adult psychiatrist, as well as the co-author of several books and training tapes including Parenting with Love and Logic. He has served as a consultant to school systems, pupil personnel teams, and hospitals around the world.

Website: - website of the Love and Logic Institute

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Jaime Beauchamp - "Memorial Day" obtained from the Podsafe Music Network - Link to music

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