CAS073 - Self-help Reading  w/ Dr. Laura Bruneau - Airdate 5/31/2007

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Dr. Marty Jencius is an Associate Professor at Kent State. His scholarly interest includes international aspects of counseling and counselor training. That interest has provided him multiple trips to Turkey, The Bahamas and Singapore. His other interests include multicultural counseling training and the use of technology in counseling. He is founder and list manager for CESNET-L a professional listserv for counselor educators and GlobalCounsellor a listserv for international collaboration in counseling and counseling research. He is co-founding editor of The Journal of Technology in Counseling, a web-based, peer reviewed journal and creator and Editor of CounselorAudioSource.Net a weekly podcast for counselors and counselor educators. Email him at


Dr. Laura Bruneau, PCC-S is a recent doctoral graduate from Kent State University and a new Assistant Professor at Adams State College. She currently works as a counselor until her relocation to her faculty position.

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