CAS061 - Middle School Counseling w/ Karen Konopik-Bishop, MS - Airdate 3/1/2007

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Dr. Theresa O'Halloran has been a counselor since 1989 and a counselor educator since 1997. Dr. O'Halloran's work as a counselor focuses on treatment of addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, and communication skills with adolescent and adult individuals, couples and families. Her research and writing focuses on issues in counselor training, multiculturalism, and career development.


Karen Konopik-Bishop, MS - Karen Konopik-Bishop is a middle school counselor at Lewis & Clark Middle School in Omaha, Nebraska. In her 20 years in the schools , she spent 11 years as a special education teacher and the last 9 years as a school counselor in elementary and middle schools. She exhibits a passion for helping youth in her current work with middle schoolers.


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