CAS049 – Counseling Veterans with PTSD w/ Dr. Gwendolyn Newsome - Airdate 12/7/2006

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Dr. Chadwick Royal is an assistant professor in the Department of Counselor Education at North Carolina Central University. He is a licensed professional counselor, a nationally certified counselor, and a licensed school counselor. During his tenure as a counselor, he has worked in both public and private mental health settings, non-profit organizations, and an elementary school. Currently, Dr. Royal is the contact person for the career counseling program in the Department of Counselor Education at NCCU.


Dr. Gwendolyn Newsome is an assistant professor in the Department of Counselor Education at North Carolina Central University. She received her doctorate in counselor education from North Carolina State University, and she is a licensed professional counselor in North Carolina. Dr. Newsome has had experience in counseling veterans in a Veteran’s Affairs facility, and she has worked as a high school counselor and a counselor and instructor in higher education.


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