CAS048 – The Person Centered Approach in Counseling w/ Dr. Wade Hannon - Airdate 11/30/2006

Contributing Editor:

Dr. Jill Nelson, NCC is an Assistant Professor and Community Counseling Coordinator at North Dakota State University. Her scholarly interests include early career counselor educators, counselor supervision, social construction, and counseling theories.


Dr. Wade Hannon is an Associate Professor of Counseling and the Doctoral Program Coordinator at North Dakota State University, where he has been since 1992. Wade received his Ed.D. in counselor education at the University of  Arkansas in 1983. He was the Conference Chair for the Association for the Development of the Person Centered Approach’s 2006 Annual Conference and serves on the Editorial Board of The Person Centered Journal. He has practiced and taught the Person Centered Approach since graduate school. Wade states that he felt heard by Jill in the interview.

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