CAS038 - Elder Issues w/ Ms. Patty Shirmbeck - Airdate 9/21/2006

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Dr. Theresa O'Halloran has been a counselor since 1989 and a counselor educator since 1997. Dr. O'Halloran's work as a counselor focuses on treatment of addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, and communication skills with adolescent and adult individuals, couples and families. Her research and writing focuses on issues in counselor training, multiculturalism, and career development.


Ms. Patty Shirmbeck is the Eldercare Division Director of the Eastern Nebraska Office (ANOA) on Aging. For more than six years she has assisted seniors and their families with elder care issues. The primary goal of ENOA and other 650 regional Offices on Aging throughout the country is to enhance the lives of the elderly and assist them in maintaining their independence.


Further information about local Offices on Aging can be obtained through the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging:  and the national offices on Eldercare:   1-800-677-1116

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