CAS033 - The Continuum of Care in Treatment of Adolescents w/ Dennis G. Vollmer, MHD, PLMHP - Airdate 8/17/2006

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Dr. Theresa O'Halloran has been a counselor since 1989 and a counselor educator since 1997. Dr. O'Halloran's work as a counselor focuses on treatment of addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, and communication skills with adolescent and adult individuals, couples and families. Her research and writing focuses on issues in counselor training, multiculturalism, and career development.


Dennis G. Vollmer MHD, PLMHP - Dennis G. Vollmer received his Bachelors degree in Counseling from Wayne State College and his Masters Degree in Human Development from the University of Kansas.  Mr. Vollmer has been employed at Father Flanagan's Boys Home for nearly 20 years.  While at Boys town he has worked as a Family Teacher, a Clinical Specialist, and has been the Director of the Respite and Assessment Program, Specialized Treatment Foster Care, Specialized Treatment Groups Homes, and currently is the Director of the Intensive Residential Treatment Center.


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