CAS024 - Counseling a Client with Multiple Sclerosis w/ Dr.  Phillip Rumrill - Airdate 6/15/2006

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Dr. Betsy J. Page is an Associate Professor of Counseling and Human Development Services at Kent State University. She received her doctorate from the University of Maine in 1996. Her interest areas in counseling include group work, clinical instruction, use of technology in counseling, and instrument development.


Phillip Rumrill, Ph.D., CRC, is Professor and Coordinator of the graduate Rehabilitation Counseling Program at Kent State University in Ohio. Dr. Rumrill has authored more than 90 professional publications, including journal articles, measurement instruments, and a book entitled Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis (Demos, 1996). His research interests include the career development implications of disability, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and multiple sclerosis. Dr. Rumrill has been recognized for his research and service by such organizations as the American Counseling Association, the National TRIO Foundation, the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, and the National Federation of the Blind.


National Assistive Technology Technical Assistance Partnerships

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Job Accommodation Network

Kalb, R. (2004). Multiple Sclerosis: The Questions You Have-The Answers You Need, 3rd Edition. New York: Demos Medical Publishing

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