CAS018 - At-risk Youth and Home-based Treatment w/ Ms. Mary Beth Towell, LPCC - Airdate 5/4/2006

Contributing Editor:

Tom Newman, MAEd, LPCC is a teaching fellow and doctoral student at Kent State University. Tom has had work experience as a counselor at Summit Family Solutions as well as a counselor in other crisis intervention settings.


Mary Beth Towell, MA, LPCC is the Co-executive Director of Summit Family Solutions supervising the provision of in-home intervention with at-risk youth. She recieved her BA in Special and Elementary Education from Miami of Ohio and her MA in Community Counseling from the University of Cincinnatti. She has worked with behaviorally challenged adolescents for seven years. She has worked as a teacher of emotionally disturbed children for two years in North Carolina, a private practitoner for two years and a home-based therapist for four years.

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