CAS001- Transcultural Counseling w/ Dr. John McFadden
Airdate 1/5/2006


Dr. Marty Jencius is an Assistant Professor at Kent State. His scholarly interest includes international aspects of counseling and counselor training. That interest has provided him multiple trips to Turkey, The Bahamas and Singapore. His other interests include multicultural counseling training and the use of technology in counseling. He is founder and list manager for CESNET-L a professional listserv for counselor educators and GlobalCounsellor a listserv for international collaboration in counseling and counseling research. He is co-founding editor of The Journal of Technology in Counseling, a web-based, peer reviewed journal and creator and Editor of CounselorAudioSource.Net a weekly podcast for counselors and counselor educators . He is on the editorial boards of The International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling and the Counselor Education and Supervision Journal. Email him at


Dr. John McFadden is the Benjamin Elijah Mays Professor at the University of South Carolina. He holds a special research and teaching interest is transcultural counselling and communication from a global perspective. He has presented working group papers at a number of IAC conferences and has authored more than 100 publications, including Transcultural Counseling: Bilateral and International Perspectives.  McFadden has presented workshops on the Stylistic counselling model at the American Counseling Association Convention and North American Society for Adlerian Psychology Annual Conference. He is an editorial advisor for The International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling. Email him at

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Personal Biography:

Jencius, M., Hawley, L. and Durant, C. (2003). Johnnie McFadden: Bowls mended before broken In West, J., Osborn, C. and Bubenzer, D. Leaders and Legacies: Contributions to the Field of Counseling. Accelerated Development Press.

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